Why Cybersecurity Has Never Been More Important for your App? A quick overview of developing secure web apps with Ruby on Rails

The moon keeps changing quarters, and so do we!
2020 has been a test for everyone, and at Wolfpack Digital we’ve been very thankful to have a healthy and constant growth pace even during a pandemic!
Here’s a recap of our third quarter of 2020.

announcements and milestones

As we hit the halfway through this year, it’s a perfect moment to reflect on all the great memories that marked the past quarter. The recipe that helped us make this pandemic more bearable consisted of: constant and clear communication, empathy, team spirit, and many memorable moments spent together.

The Wolfpack Digital team loves staying up to date with the latest technology, and we are not only the ‘early adopters’ but also the ‘early-software-builders’. The Apple annual event Worldwide Developer Conference got our eyes glued to the screens waiting for the most significant announcements and inventions to improve our iOS and watchOS app development skills.

Top biggest iOS reveals from Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

  • PiP Mode (Picture-in-Picture) lets the user…

Over the past months, businesses, hospitals, and governments have been working rapidly to get their work and teams up and running online. Digital communication and telemedicine were enforced, and we think it might be here to stay.

Apparently, we can’t fight the laws of nature since time has chased the pendulum till it hit midnight between another two decades. It’s a good reason to look back and to do the aftermath of the past month and accidentally spill out some small spoilers about what comes next with the new year, decade, and new us. One thing will remain — we are still gonna be your dedicated wolves ready to jump by your side and build those mobile and web apps that the world desires.

✍️Writings On The Wall 📜

How to Update Your Mobile Apps to iOS 13

Wolfpack Digital, top app development company in Europe trendsetter and global tech community contributor

Awoo, Awoo, Awoo, Awoo! 🌕🐺
Wolves are not the kind of animals to fear the cold, to crawl in their den, and peacefully wait for sunnier days to come. This month we were on the move at various events we host and support here in Transylvania and overseas. Yet what really helps us stand the cold is our excitement for app development challenges and our colorful team atmosphere.

Going Wild at Web Summit 2019

People who think that the Earth is flat should take a look at how the tech world is spinning currently in Lisbon. It’s the second day of the Web Summit and the number of ultra-smart speakers and all the tech trends is blowing our human minds.

#1. Holly molly, bless our soul — Web Summit is huge!

You guys, our jaws dropped to a subterranean dimension when we realized that this month marks one year of regularly publishing Wrap-Up articles. Can you imagine that? A whole year of monthly updates and news shared with you have passed way too fast. Whoever is cutting those onions, don’t make us too emotional. Instead, let’s close this circle with another well-packed, informative scrapbook story.

🗿Going back in time

Slush Shanghai 2019 — conquering a new tech galaxy

Wolfpack Digital visiting New York, the USA hub for startups and digital product ideas

In Romania, August is that time of the year when the sun tests people’s patience to stay in the concrete jungle. Still, no heat could stop us from building ideas of entrepreneurs into powerful apps and from writing articles, planning events and chilling in the meantime.

Architecting Mobile Apps Meetup

Wolfpack Digital

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